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Mars Mission (852)
Land the mars lander exactly on target
CopterCrasher (852)
Destroy as many helicopters as possible before your fuel runs out, to make it in to the highscores...
Art of War 2 (852)
You are Sergeant Sokolov, a Soviet soldier taking part in the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Your objective is to purge the city from the invading fascists. You have rifle, grenades and you can call backup. Make use of the reinforcements at your disposal (officer, infantry, machinegunner, mortar team) to defeat the enemy!
Dino Hunter (852)
Hunt the Tyrex and get the bonus
Bubble Girl (851)
Help Bubble Girl get as much combo bonus as she can and avoid bubbles touch the floor!!
Metaphysik 2 (850)
Crazy ball game where you have to get the ball into a certain area. Very hard, but very addictive.
Energon Within (850)
Your under attack. Protect the mine as long as you can. If the decepticons steal the energon, its al
Castle Rescue 2 (850)
Short Description: Defend your castle from the enemies. There are 5 bonuses you can collect, and 5 different enemy types.
UpBug (849)
The MechaBug Company needs you to test pilot their new equipment. Successfully gather fuel and avoid damaging the ship to be upgraded to a higher clearance machine.
Spooky's Adventures:Creepy Halloween (849)
Destroy all the evil pumpukins in spooky's adventure to save his girlfriend.
Dodge (848)
Move the space craft with your mouse to avoid the obstacles. How long will you survive?
Circlo 2 (848)
circular bust-a-move x2
Jumping Monkey (848)
See how high your jumping monkey can get.
Cyclo Maniacs (848)
A unique cycling stunt game bought to you by Longanimals and robotjam. Compete over 26 tracks, battle the walrus, the party balloon and the man eating skate haddock. 20 different bikes and riders can be unlocked in a quest to become the ultimate rider.
Sycolux (847)
All you have to do is stack together three of the same-coloured blocks to make them disappear. You get a brick-blasting laser gun if you bring together three same-coloured special stones! After a while the sycolux panel will start flipping, rotating and zooming. Then you'll witness the sycolux effect! Controls: Move mouse to select target, press the mouse button to pick up or drop block (both ways).
Blob Bomber (847)
Bomb the candy blobs to stop them from spreading all over the universe!
Mercenary Camp: Prologue (846)
3D First Person Shooter (3D FPS) with many types of enemies, weapons and shooting gallery locations.
The Big Bank Robbery (845)
24 levels, 24 bank safes to rob!