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Bat In Nightmare (611)
Help the little bat escape from hell, avoiding the ghosts and other dangers
Pumpkin Battle (610)
Steppenwolf 13 (610)
Stick RPG (610)
You are suddenly sucked into a two dimensional world as a stickman get a job work your way up educat
Dino Fishing (610)
A dinosaur game. Use your enormous Baryonyx hand claw to hook fish out of the water. Be quick if you don't want to starve!
Save Poor Guys! (610)
Funny addictive game, where you must save poor sea-guys
Ontwijk de foute ballen en snoep de goede ballen op. Zo groei je en pak je punten.
Disco Fish 2 (610)
Eat small red/blue/yellow fish for points and health. Worms give you a big health boost. Eating the same color fish consecutively multiplies your points. Avoid the larger fish!
Ball Blast (610)
Click to create an explosion of balls. Get ranked on your explosion size.
Civilization-modernwar (610)
A rts game by sindney. Enjoy it :-)
Nano war demo (610)
A Real Time Strategy Game (RTS),Action game. In the human body, you control the blue cells your opponent controls the red cells. Defend, attack, increase your cells and destroy them. Nano War demo : Multiplayer mode and level editor only avaliable on
Trapped with Zombies (610)
You are trapped in a room of zombies. Don't let them kill you, and prevent innocent people from being killed too! Buy upgrades and skills to strengthen your character. At the end of every wave, there will be health and energy drops.
Bee Battle (610)
The fast paced racing bee game
Insantatarium (610)
What the @#$ per cent happened to Santa? He need's your help! Santa seems to have been kidnapped and has awoken in a disgusting, gloomy and quite scary scenario filled with traps and interesting contraptions. Your mission is to help guide Santa out of this hellish place in one piece and find out what's going on. Aid Santa in this festive point n' click adventure!
Volcano (610)
The objective is to run all the way to the goal while escaping the scorching lava that runs throughout the stage. You can transform into 3 different creatures with their own unique abilities to overcome various obstacle.
Hold The Line (610)
Hold off bands of marauding stick-figures that would like nothing more than to see you die a horrible, horrible death.
Assault Day (610)
Kill all the enemies in each level. As the game progresses more weapons become available and you will encounter more challenging enemies.
Michael Jackson - The Last Show (610)
Help Michael Jackson perform his last dance as long as possible.