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Sniper Duty (1104)
Sniper-Duty is dedicated to the awesome game Call of Duty (COD) flash shooting game. It consists of 3x60 second rounds where your objective is to shoot the bad guys as accurately as possible. You can aim for the head or the body area. The closer you are to the center of each of these areas the more points you gain. The trick is to make every single shot count. If you waste a bullet on thin air your points will suffer!
Race your Car (1104)
Race your car to the goal. Don?t hit the Boundaries, and watch for the fuel. Press UP, and DOWN arrow keys to move your and RIHGT and LEFT arrow keys to steer your car.
Pong Foursome (1104)
A new twist of the classic game of Pong. Play against three players instead of one!
Laser & Bubbles (1104)
Destroy the bubbles with laser!
Circle Chain (1104)
Blow off all circles in this 20 levels game. Requires a bit of action, a bit of strategy. Features 4 different types of circles with different features.
Wrap Attack (1104)
It was Christmas and Doctor Zass hated this time of year. He has never received any presents from Santa. So this year, he kidnaps him! Doctor Zass brings all the toys to life and sets them free so this year nobody will receive presents from Santa! But a boy named Tommy finds Santa?s lost wand. He decides to get the toys back and rescue Santa!
Doughnut Buster (1104)
A small little game in which you have to destroy evil doughnuts. Future updates will definately be coming as I understand that the game is a bit shallow. Enjoy.
Ascent (1104)
Reach the target altitude by jumping, flying and pushing your way up through this futuristic little platformer.
RainDrop (1104)
Use mouse to control your raindrop. The main goal: fall as far as you can.
PigSmash (1104)
kick out this funny pig and make a high score
Sushi no suki (1104)
Do you like sushi? try to make one? this one on a sushi go round table restaurant, there will be noodle ramen and sake also Be a sushi master, complete all 8 levels Happy Playing :)
King of Fighters (1103)
KOF is a popular fighting game
Kill the Boss Fight Game (1103)
Walk around the deadly streets jump kick punch spin kick and pick up guns chains bats to fight other
Halloween Hatchlings (1103)
The old Count is up to no good as usual. He has created a new breed of monster and is about to release them upon the world this Halloween. You, Snuffit The Vampire Slayer, must kill the hatchlings before the count breeds enough to release.
Machete Chamber (1103)
Dodge knives while answering questions in this insane and twisted game show!
Drift (1103)
Use clever maneuvering and quick thinking to guide the fish through sixteen stages. Move by grabbing nodes with your mouse.
FWG Pinball (1103)
play 7 pinball machines in one game.