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save_cows_milk_ph (481)
Pinoy game which you can earn points by catching the milk from the cow.
The Road (481)
In this game, you must move the mouse pointer from the beginning of the level to it's finish, but you can't touch the borders, can you do it?
Metamorfs (481)
Create hybrids!!! Feed them... nurture them... and keep them away from enemies!!!
Crazy Vegetables (481)
You've got a fun new task to complete - put some color on the veggies in the bountiful garden. Don't be fooled by the sleepy look of some of them, because it turns out they're alive! So grab the virtual paintbrush and give free rein to your imagination...
Bubble Cherry (480)
Kangaroo Jack (480)
Catch the Kangaroo before it get away with your jacket and money
X-Traning (480)
Avoid the bullet as long as possible
Skears DX (480)
Click onto the purple squares before they reach the circle but avoid the red ones.
Banana Barrage (480)
You're Donkey Kong in this fantastic aim and fire banana game. Your aim is to throw the bananas in t
Learn Europe beta (480)
Are you know all states in Europe? Play this game!
Mighty Bob Knows it all (480)
Ask mighty bob your question and he will do what he can to answer it!
Catch a Falling Star (480)
Compete with up to four of your friends to collect the most stars before time runs out. Catch a Falling Star, released 7/29/2007 is the world's first Flash game to feature four-player action on the Nintendo Wii Browser. Wii: 1 to 4 players; PC, Mac Linux: 1 player Controls: Simply use your wiimotes or mouse to point at the center of the stars.
FlowerShower (480)
Flower Shower ? ever played beautiful game of shooting flowers with flowers!
Fish Hunter 2 (479)
Cavemen need to eat, hunt down those fish with your speare
Dodge Stuff (479)
Life on a construction site is hard. When it gets windy lot's of stuff comes falling down. I'm afraid your hard hat isn't enough to protect you, dodge that stuff! Dodge Stuff is a fast-paced and very accessible avoider game. It sets itself apart from avoider games with its (optional) webcam functionality and power-ups. The game saves your high-score so you can come back later to have another go at it.
Table Scraps (479)
You play a dog. Try and eat the table scraps that the humans are throwing out. Bones and meat will give you points, and vegetables will subtract from your points, and don't eat too many peppers or your mouth will burn and you will lose!
Dope Dealer (479)
Use your mind and your luck to make money! You must to sell and buy drugs at different prices to get profit! Play with your mouse and go in other citys to sell the drugs!
Spider Man (479)
press space key to jump
WetV (479)
A multiplayer youtube and chat.
Help Beckham Get Fit (478)

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