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May Cause Seizures 4 (441)
A visually stimulating test of your observational skills. A nice little psychedelic deviation from generic flash games.
Marina Farts (441)
Farty dancing training
Bedroom Dress Up (441)
Dress up this girl for her date. Choose from different tops, hair, dresses and more.
The Waitress (441)
In this game you are a waitress. Clients enter to your restaurant and order food and drinks. You must ask the cook to prepare the meal, take the drink from the fridge or prepare a cup of coffee and bring all this to the client. The game is a bit slow in the beginning but then it becomes much more intensive.
Base Defender (441)
Your high scores will show up on this page, however, the browser needs to be re-opened before the updated list will load, but rest assured, your score is recorded.
Snackolantern (440)
Go around as a jack o lantern snacking on unsuspecting trick or treaters.
eggspin_danish (440)
game for
Solid Snake Soundboard (440)
A soundboard made of audio clips from the famous Solid Snake.
Neo Tower Defense (440)
The Allegiance Wars are long over. Since those bloodthirsty days which witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations, the unrestrained slaughter of soldiers from every faction and the constant race for bigger and better weapons, the remains of the factions of old have formed an uneasy truce, living out their days in a meager subsistence. Recently, however, scanners jointly funded by the different factions have detected a new threat looming from the depths of space. A mindless, violent alien race known as The Creeps have begun raiding lone outposts, destroying their way to the center of the...
Christmas Clicker (440)
It?s the 24th of December and judging by the weather it looks as though we might have a white Christmas after all. But Mr. Claus has run into a problem and it looks like he?s in a bit of a mess. It seems the reindeer have escaped and taken a sleigh full of presents with them. Unless Santa can use the magic of Christmas to power sleigh, Christmas might be ruined.
Tree House Decoration Game (440)
Tree House Decoration Game, Home Decor Games, Decorate
Second Leg Shuffle (440)
The object of the game is to keep the Ants from going off the screen by stepping on them. But power downs like hand switch and fast ants keeps the game fun. The game starts slow but eventually becomes faster. Once, the controls are mastered, the initial speed can be increased so the game is not boring.
Simple drawing tool (440)
A simple drawing tool. Draw anything you like and then add a filter for some cool effects. Print screen your picture to save it and keep it for ever.
Dr Dentist (439)
Snowman Salvage (439)
Mongolfiere (439)
Udder Maddness (439)
Clock Legends (439)
Run around as Strawberry clock power up your kamehameha energy and jump over dangers
ArrowKeymaster (439)
You need to press the arrowkeys rapidly in a row, and when you do that, your score gets higher, but there is an 10 second timer!
Elliptic (439)
Mouse avoider game with 10 levels of normal mode with increasing enemy difficulty and a survivor mode.

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